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Committee Member, BCS SIGiST (Specialist Group in Software Testing)


Jennifer Wheeler

Director at - Specialist Recruitment and talent finders in Testing / Director at JW5 Associates

Feb 4, 2016, You worked with Jennifer but at different companies

I have known and worked with Hiedi for many years. She is a well-respected Test Manager, a truly professional and upstanding person and a warm human being. People who have worked for her have enormous regard for her and she is an expert on all things testing. Highly recommended indeed.



QA and Test Strategy Manager, First Group



Tim Shirra

Programme Manager, FirstGroup PLC

August 24, 2017, Tim was senior to Hiedi but didn’t manage directly

“I’ve worked a lot with Test Managers in the past and Hiedi measures up to the best of them. When you hire a Test Manager for a very fast, intensive programme like ours was, you want somebody who is highly experienced, structured but pragmatic, and can hit the ground at Olympic sprint speed. That is exactly what we got with Hiedi. Best practice, end-to-end testing process comes instinctively to her, built from long experience of testing, and she deployed this experience very swiftly to understand the scope, perform gap analysis (against existing procedures), understand coverage, identify the gaps in procedures & resource and manage the whole process for us, including some very tricky scheduling.


She was able to call on favours from her strong industry network to help fill gaps where needed, and she was quick to identify where one tool-set was not going to ‘work’ ‘for our context and swiftly put in place another which worked very well. This was incredibly helpful given the extreme time pressures of the programme. When we hired Hiedi we wanted her to take a prioritised approach due to time pressures. She ‘got’ this very quickly and worked closely with PMs to achieve swift prioritisation that then underpinned the overall test strategy.


As a result of her leadership of the testing, we were able to go live with multiple projects in a short space of time with very few issues by go-live: this simply would not have happened without her.


We hired her as a Strategic Test Manager for her strategic testing experience, her strong industry knowledge and her clear test leadership skills. She helped us hire more junior resource for the testing, whom she did a great job of managing and mentoring, and together they did a great job within a very challenging timeframe of training, supporting and guiding the business staff who volunteered for UAT, and the PMs delivering those projects. Hiedi also led daily UAT calls with internal PMs and the wider supplier groups, ensuring UAT remained on track and following the correct priorities, which again, was invaluable.


She added a great deal of value in many respects but where I’d say she added most value for us, working on a complex and high-profile programme with tight, immovable deadlines was enabling us to achieve go-live on time with no major issues and just a few minor issues. A very considerable feat.


Two further significant achievements were that she has created a very valuable stock of reliable, consistent, repeatable test procedures across the digital platform for future releases which will increase the quality of future QA and releases, and she produced an extremely useful interfaces diagram that she ably piloted through multiple iterations with the technical team here. It was one of the documents that most helped keep me sane!


In short, she knows best practice testing process, strategy and tools inside out - and has the experience to deploy it with honesty, pragmatism and humour, she knows the rail industry systems very well, and has a very useful network of contacts within the rail industry, and she has the experience and attitude to do a great job of leading a high-profile test programme without being in any way phased. A brilliant asset that I would have no hesitation in recommending.”



Test Manager, ATOC - now Rail Delivery Group


Phil Swain

IT Consultant

Apr 19, 2017, You worked with Phil in the same group

Hiedi worked as Test Manager on very complex programme of work with many stakeholders and many suppliers. She managed all testing activities from inception to completion (strategy, plans, preparation, execution, completion), identified and managed test analysts and stakeholders seconded from the businesses and reported progress results sideways, upwards and outwards. Heidi's knowledge of test processes is second to none and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any project / programme manager.


Paul Incles

Fares Service Operations Manager at Worldline

Apr 19, 2017, You worked with Paul in the same group

I have worked with Hiedi over the past 2 years as an SME seconded to the design team, in respect of the delivery of a replacement Rail Industry Fares and Timetables system called ‘PMS’.


Hiedi’s professionalism, focus, commitment and work ethic is beyond compare, and is prepared where necessary to work ridiculous hours to ensure all parties are briefed, prepared with the right information at the right time and at the right level for the audience, and ready to work ‘straight off the bat’ for your next project; then stop looking as you will get all of this and much, much more with Hiedi.


Hiedi will re-plan test phases “at the drop of a hat” taking account of the needs of all parties, finding pragmatic solutions ensuring that best effort quality levels are maintained and risks are mitigated/highlighted irrespective of any available “Happy Easy Path” she will challenge Project Boards and Suppliers to maintain the necessary Entry/Exit Quality Gates


Hiedi is prepared to protect End Users during every step/phase of the project ensuring they get the “best solution” in the available timelines and will also use and tailor all available tools to gather defect information, performing gap-analysis and said gaps filled or escalated, she will maintain focus on defects; both in their management and progression but also the design of the necessary processes to ensure ‘none are left behind’.


I came into the Project purely from an operational role, but I leave it with a desire to progress over to Testing and that is purely down to watching Hiedi operate!


If you are looking for a Test Manger to merely "tick boxes" to keep a project moving, then keep looking as there will be plenty of lesser calibre out there to fill that niche for you.



Dale Gidman

Regional Revenue Manager (East) - Pricing & Revenue Management at Arriva Rail North (Northern)

Apr 6, 2017, You worked with Dale but at different companies

I have had the pleasure of working with Hiedi on the Industry Fares Replacement Software Project (PMS) and a number of people have commented on Heidi's skills and professionalism - all I wish to add is "she delivers results".


Brian Donnelly

Pricing Manager at Virgin Trains

Mar 24, 2017, You worked with Brian but at different companies

I worked with Hiedi for a couple of years on the Railways PMS project. I can safely say without Hiedi this project would have taken twice as long to complete. She is one of the most conscientious, hard-working people I've met, and extremely fun to work with as well!


Pete Mason

Pricing/Revenue Analyst at CrossCountry Trains

Mar 24, 2017, You worked with Pete in the same group

I worked with Hiedi on the PMS project (RDG) on and off for almost 2 years and would thoroughly recommend her for any future position. She managed and motivated the whole test team - no mean feat given the diversity of skills, knowledge and experience within the team! She is extremely knowledgeable, flexible, hardworking and kept us all on track! She worked exhaustively long hours particularly at the start of the UAT schedule and always kept the whole of the project team up to date on activities past present and future. An extremely hard working and likeable individual!


System and UAT Test Analyst/Coordinator, Volkswagen Financial Services


Chandra Pokhriyal-SAP Business Analyst

Business Analyst at Mercedes-Benz UK Ltd

Sep 4, 2013, You worked with Chandra in the same group

I had privilege of working with Hiedi on a difficult project and found her as a detail oriented person with great skills and expertise in her area of work. She played pivitol role to move the project forward and was always very proactive and motivated. Hiedi is an excellent co-worker. Goal oriented and energetic with strong work ethic

I can recommend Hiedi as a person with excellent knowledge, deep expertise of IT solutions and brilliant team player


Ann-Marie Bott

Functional Test Analyst.

Feb 5, 2013, You worked with Ann-Marie in the same group

I worked with Hiedi for the last few months and found her to be an excellent Mentor and Teacher who has greatly enhanced my knowledge of stages of Testing and tools available, especially the efficient use of Quality Centre. Hiedi is very professional and determined to see a project through to the end despite obstacles which may be put in the way. She is a strong team player capable of holding her own ground, when necessary, to ensure the development of reliable products. I would gladly work for Hiedi again given the opportunity.


Garry Marron

Consultant Business Analyst at iPSL Ltd

Jan 3, 2013, You worked with Garry but in different group

I worked with Heidi on a difficult business objects reporting project and I found her to be an effective Test Analyst who uses common sense rather than just black and white. What I mean by this is if there was a requirement that could be considered slightly ambiguous Heidi will look at resolving the issue with a BA rather than just raising a defect and this I find it refreshing

In my opinion Heidi is a conscientious, efficient and competent Test Analyst



Senior Test Lead, Avon


John Schooling

Senior Software Engineer at Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd.

Jul 25, 2012, You worked with John in the same group

Hiedi is open, honest, hardworking, organised and friendly with a good sense of humour.

She is always looking for reliability and cost savings than can be achieved from the correct long term solution instead of the ultimately more expensive repeated short term fixes.

Hiedi also showed us how to use SharePoint more effectively which benefited the whole team, not just her immediate reports.


Test Manager, Vix Technology (ACIS)


Robert Harper

Experienced, flexible engineer with a wide experience of both civil and military equipment.

Mar 15, 2013, You managed Robert directly

Hiedi is a very professional yet friendly manager. She expects the best from her team but not the impossible and never expects more than she is willing to give herself. Firm but fair as well as ready to impart her knowledge to help others learn more about the test process. A manager that leads from the front but never fails to stand beside the team. I would be prepared to work for her again without hesitation.


Richard Addison

Senior Project Manager

Jul 26, 2011, You worked with Richard but in different group

Hiedi, is exceptional at managing test environments, her attention to detail and dogged determination set her in a class of her own. Heidi's communication and negotiating skills with stakeholder departments always brings strong results and ultimate delivery


Jaroslaw Czaja

Founder and CEO of Future Processing

Jun 23, 2011, You worked with Jaroslaw but at different companies

Hiedi was responsible for coordinating work of our offshore team. It is always a challenge to manage people at a distance and thanks to Hiedi's organisational and communication skills we have managed to build a very good relationship. Hiedi was always available when needed and put a lot of effort into making sure the project objectives are met. She is not only a good manager but also an expert in the QA field. I would be very happy to work with her again in the future.


Aleksander Wirecki

Senior Manager, Software Engineering at Capgemini

May 30, 2011, You worked with Aleksander but at different companies

I have worked with Hiedi for over a year. She was our main contact point regarding testing process, and testing in general for Vix ACIS. She was always able to find solution to different process issues using her extensive testing knowledge. It was a pleasure to work with her


Garfay Liu

Engineering Manager

May 9, 2011, You worked with Garfay in the same group

I learnt a lot working with Hiedi, she has the ability to pick up any new tool, process or system, get her head around it, get the most out of it in a short space of time, and then teach others. A highly professional, organised and respectful person, I'd be happy to work with her in the future


Zoey Johnson

Project Manager - ERP Business Solutions

May 4, 2011, You worked with Zoey but in different group

Hiedi has great knowledge and experience of testing. Hiedi has assisted me during the testing stages with various projects and I found Hiedi to be very proactive with communication and planning. Her commitment and leadership of the test team has taken the business forward, this is shown over the past 6 months with various products being released from test ahead of schedule, her commitment to deadlines and management of expectations is second to none. It has been great pleasure learning from experience Hiedi has brought to the business


Julian Humpheson

Leadership Innovation Engineering Project Management

Apr 7, 2011, You worked with Julian but in different group

Prior to Hiedi's appointment to the position, testing at ACIS was very much an afterthought to the development process. Hiedi has transformed the test department into an effective team and in doing so has integrated testing into the core activity of the development department. Always highly professional and passionate about her work, often under very trying circumstances, Hiedi is a strong team player capable of holding her own ground, when necessary, to ensure the development of reliable products. It is a pleasure to work with her and I would not hesitate to recommend Hiedi to anyone


Jiao Lin

Lead Test Engineer

Mar 24, 2011, You managed Jiao directly

As a Test Manager, Hiedi not only has great knowledge and experience of Testing but also has insight of development as a whole. She is very proactive and always provides instant testing feedback to development ensuring that projects move forward in a timely fashion. She is a keen driver of Test Process Improvement and is always willing to try alternatives to deliver efficiently to deadlines. She is very supportive to her testers and as a mentor taught me to look for ways to “work smarter rather than just harder”


Andrew Howell

Hardware Development Manager at Cambridge Communication Systems Ltd

Mar 20, 2011, You worked with Andrew in the same group

I have worked with Hiedi since she joined ACIS as Test Manager. She has greatly improved system test using her extensive knowledge and experience. She is a experienced Manager and combines good time management with strong reporting skills. She remains keen to learn new skills and improve working processes. Hiedi is a loyal colleague, flexible and easy to work with a good sense humour but is also professional with high values of integrity. I am happy to endorse her.


Test Manager, ACIS


Matt Drinkwater

Test / QA Recruiter @ Woodrow Mercer Associates LLP

Feb 25, 2014, Matt was a client of yours

Over the last 5 years, I've had the pleasure of working with Hiedi both from a Candidate and Client perspective. She's an extremely talented and passionate Tester, who has continually shown her great management skills, often in very challenging situations. I'd have her at the top of the list for any Senior Test/Management positions that required an honest and straight-talking approach. I also know of several other people from the industry who would reflect equally highly for Hiedi's abilities. Highly recommended!


Frank Costa

Test Lead at JD Wetherspoon

Feb 8, 2014, You managed Frank directly

Heidi recruited me to provide Testing Services and having kept in contact with project members, the project was successful. Hiedi played an extremely influential role. Whilst reporting to Hiedi, I felt she was approachable, offered support and provided direction. A very capable Test Manager who totally understands testing principles and has the ability to communicate at all levels, including senior management & directors. I would work with Heidi again


Rosie Smith

Release, Offering & Product Management, IBM i2 Intelligence Analysis Portfolio

May 29, 2011, You worked with Rosie but in different group

Hiedi worked really hard, bringing to bear her QA knowledge and experience, into an environment where quality testing had previously been an afterthought. As the Test Manager at ACIS, Hiedi introduced numerous improvements, transforming the department into a respected team of highly qualified individuals. A great manager and mentor, Hiedi bought with her professionalism and also a great sense of humor. Would I work with Hiedi again; a resounding yes!



Satish Zope

IT Resource Management, Test Management with Proficiency in Test Data Management

Aug 13, 2010, You worked with Satish in the same group

ACIS was our one of the client and I have got an opportunity to work with Hiedi for various ACIS's Projects Both in the UK and India.

I found Hiedi is fully energetic, very well organized, diligent in Documentation, technically very sound and at work place always on time she is very hard working and tackling all assignments in smarter way always put full dedications and expect same from team members, She have ability to manage various projects at same time she is always ready to help and mentor team members


Matt Berry

Solutions Architect

May 11, 2010, You worked with Matt but in different group

In my time working at ACIS I have seen Test Managers come and go. Hiedi has given the team a new-found strength it has gone from a team of 4 to 12 in a very short space of time. There is now a structured approach to the work and Hiedi has been the main driving force behind this she is a very focused leader and ensures deadlines are met and things are always moving forward in the right direction.


Mark Ashton

Apr 23, 2009, Mark was a client of yours

Hiedi is knowledgeable, hardworking and extremely professional. She is able to give open and honest opinions an all aspects of business. Very personable and also willing to go the extra mile. I'd highly recommend Hiedi


Test Lead, Travelex


Pushpa Reddy

Product owner/Business Analyst at JUSTEAT

Nov 21, 2008, You were senior to Pushpa but didn't manage directly

Hiedi has a strong skills in testing processes and maintaining offshore teams. She mentored the team with testing practices. Very keen to learn new technologies and methodologies.

She is fast learner and very passionate about her work


Ernst Kretschmann

COO at Building Intellect Ltd

Jun 5, 2008, You worked with Ernst in the same group

Hiedi personifies reliability and attention to detail. She is great in acquiring and sharing knowledge, gives frequent and substantially useful feedback, and has a strong focus on doing the right things and doing them right. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and can only hope to find more people like Hiedi to work with in the future.


Diane Martini - Business Analyst at Western Union Business Solutions

Jun 5, 2008, You worked with Diane in the same group

I worked with Hiedi for almost a year whilst she was at Travelex. She is a very conscientious and careful test practitioner, who is able to handle a large amount of detail and is comfortable with complexity. She helped to put in place processes to manage testing for a significant on-line system, processing orders and information for commercial foreign exchange payments. This was a new subject area for her but she quickly and carefully familiarised herself with new processes and business practices. She is an effective team leader, ensuring clear communications are given and the team adhere to standards and quality practices, as well as completing comprehensive documentation. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hiedi as a very competent and conscientious test specialist.



Capita Education Services


Tom Campbell - Project Manager

Apr 10, 2011, You reported directly to Tom

I have no hesitation in recommending Hiedi as a thorough but pragmatic tester who applies an intelligent approach to her work. I would be delighted to work with Hiedi again if the opportunity arose.


Greg Myburgh - Software Projects Manager at ParentMail

Aug 5, 2009, You managed Greg directly

By the time I first started working with Hiedi, I had very little experience as a software tester. Hiedi took me under her wing and was a great mentor to me. She guided me to becoming the tester that I am today. She taught me some valuable testing techniques and played a large role towards developing me in my role as a software tester. Hiedi mentored me for about 2 years and I have since been promoted to Test Team Lead.



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